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2013.01.16: Over 100.000 channel views on YouTube

Im a little proud to reach over 100.000 views on my channel: www.youtube.com/user/katschrowski

2010.11.15: Second place in the 2ndLive4guitar Competition!

I got the second place in the 2ndLive4guitar Competition. Result: http://live4guitar.com/article/2nd-live4guitar-competition-results My entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjHvZDms-oM

2010.03.09: Got a new Ibanez guitar

I Got a new Ibanez guitar called „RG 321 MN WW“. It’s a limited edition and still has the good old fixed bridge (not the new sharp gibraltar thing). I changed the pickups to PAF Pro, removed the tone knob and scalloped the palisander fretboard. The mahogany body gives a lot sustain and a warm […]

2010.01.16: Won Milan’s Mega Marshall Competition Germany!

Won the first place with my entry at Milan’s Mega Marshall Competition. See the winner video here.

2010.01.15: Participation at the „Shred this too“ competition

Check it out here: „Shred this too“ competition (online after 2010.01.15). After the Strings on fire contest my guitar is still a little bit on fire. Because of this and the definition of „shred“ I have played a faster blues A special thank to Laurie Monk here.

2009.12.29: Jean Fontanille Contest Entry

Jean Fontanille Contest Entry. Will be closed at 2010.01.15.

2009.12.20: Milan’s Mega Marshall Competition Germany Entry

Milan’s Mega Marshall Competition Germany Entry. The contest was closed at 2010.01.07. 2010.01.16: See the winner video here (It is me!).

2009.11.22: Participation at the PetrucciFever Solo Contest No 4 „Strings on Fire“

Check it out here PetrucciFever Solo Contest No 4 „Strings on Fire“. The number of participants are round about 230 this time. Finally I was in the TOP 15 list!

2009.10.09: Playing Paul Gilbert’s Fast Picking Lick on a splitscreen

My attempt to cover the Fast Picking Lick coming from „Intense Rock 2“ . Paul played it at 200 bpm on a 9/8 measure very steady. After finishing this clip I saw that I am playing the ascending part very circuitous because I am sliding with my pinky. Paul’s picking is the best! See the […]

2009.09.18: Playing Paul Gilbert’s Curse Of Castle Dragon live

Late in the evening after some bottles of beer ForeMen played Paul Gilbert’s Curse of Castle Dragon at the „Wold Wold West“. Seen the video on YouTube here.