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My posts in Truth In Shredding
Laurie Monk (the maker of Truth In Shredding) got a place in his register for Ulf Katschrowski ­čÖé You can see a lot my youtube stuff here.

My channel on YouTube
Here you find other Katschrowski stuff.

Homepage of my great band.

S├Âren J├╝nemann Band
Historical pages of the S├Âren J├╝nemann Band.

V.A.M.P (Virtual Audio Midi Project)
Is it possible to make Progressive Rock in a living room?

Bon Scott Memorial Group
Historical pages of the Bon Scott Memorial Group. See Let there be rock on YouTube.

New Inn Blue
Nice old historical page of New Inn Blue from Ronald.

Alternate picking technique
Nice tutorial about Alternate picking shows the difference between 3 basic techniques:
– elbow joint movement
– wrist movement
– thumb and index fingers circular motion (like Yngwie)

You may find it here what you don’t find anywhere.

Das Musikding
Here you can find everything you need to build effect pedals or other music electronic devices for reasonable prices.